AITP Special

Saturday 19 September 2020
OBA - Openbare Bibliotheek, Oosterdokkade 143, Amsterdam
Start: 16:00
Tickets are available here

We invite you to join us on a short journey into contemporary African cinema and celebrate a new partnership between AITP and OBA, which will lead to a diverse programme with cinema, performing arts and literature presented to you throughout the season of 20/21 at OBA.

This afternoon is filled with film, music and performances, food and drinks.

Come and discover!


15:30 Welcome
16:00 Start programmes
20:00 End

Photo Exhibition - 6th floor OBA

Since AITP was founded in 1987, many directors have been present at our festival, icons from African cinema such as Djibril Diop Mambety, and newcomers from the continent and the diaspora worldwide. In this photo exhibition we see a selection of portraits of those many directors.

An ode to African cinema! Open all day.
All portraits by Jean van Lingen.

You Will Die at Twenty (2019) 105'

Amjad Abu Alala (Sudan)
Arabic spoken, English subtitles

In a small village in the Aljazira province of Sudan, at the birth of the boy Muzamil, a religious leader predicts his death at age twenty. Muzamil's father leaves his family to escape the pain. Sakina, now a single mother, is raising her son over protected and cut off from the outside world. We follow Muzamil in his search for a place between the Koran school, his loving friendship with a girl, and the world shown to him by an old cameraman who has returned to the village.

This beautiful coming of age story is the eighth feature film ever made in Sudan. The film is dedicated to the victims of the Sudanese revolution.

Ik leef maar ik besta niet (2019) 8'

Elisabetta Agyeiwaa (The Netherlands)
No text, no subtitles

Elisabetta's identity was sold by her Ghanaian mother when she was a baby. Soon after Elisabetta was brought from her hometown Italy to the Netherlands, where she grew up in the Bijlmer with an aunt and later with a foster mother. Elisabetta has long struggled to regain her identity. Another woman lives a life on her name. Elisabetta herself has no identity. Based on Elisabetta's story, this short fiction film 'I live but I don't exist' shows the endless bureaucracy and hopeless situation in which Elisabetta fights for her birthright: the right to exist.

Elisabetta will be present for Q&A.

EUphoria (2018) 24'

Robert-Jonathan Koeyers and Black Speaks Back (Belgium)
Dutch, French Romanian spoken, English subtitles

A mysterious force field is emerging around the African continent, cutting Europe off from the natural resources and cheap labour on which it depends so badly. In the mean time, climate change is driving Europe into a new ice age. This Afrofuturistic musical tells five separate stories of young Belgians with African roots, who try to survive in the chaos of the end of Europe as we know it today.

This video is the result of an exchange of the Belgian collective Black Speaks Back with several artists from different directions of the European continent.