About AITP

AITP is a festival and platform for audio- visual art, film, performing arts and literature from the African continent and its diaspora in Latin America, Surinam, West Indies, Antilles, Europe and the United States. With culture, community, education, and entertainment at its foundation, AITP is all- encompassing and serves as an axis in Amsterdam for film and performing art in the contemporary space of Europe and beyond.

AITP aims to respond to the growing demand for educational tools and cultural programming that represent not only the local diversity but also the complex intercultural and transnational realities in which citizens have to live and function today. With an increasing African and African diaspora population in Europe it is essential to provide in the representation of diversity and offer multilayered narratives. AITP plays an important role in the imaging of groups in society, as well as on the identity formation and sense of belonging of citizens. We believe that images that present a more equal worldview can help to overcome stereotyping and generalization, and can result in an inclusive and balanced cultural ecosystem.

AITP contributes to a broad view on the world and fellow citizens, and allows a deeper awareness of the importance of inclusivity, intercultural dialogue and understanding.


AITP was founded as a film festival in 1987 in The Netherlands, with the aim to showcase cinema from Africa and its diaspora. Since its very first days, AITP became a reference for other festivals on African cinema, as well as for African festivals to offer a perspective to their filmmakers for showing their films on an internationally recognized stage.

Throughout the years, AITP obtained particular expertise in research about the African and the African diaspora contemporary film and arts in general, its artistic development and the underlying history and reality that is not part of the existing dominant structures, narratives and actual discourse.

AITP became a platform for restoring the connection between art and society, which until recently has almost always led to a reflection of a shared European history and present, but from perspectives other than the western canon.

Today AITP explores the fringes of African contemporary cinema; where visual arts meet performing art, and where the correlation between writing, documenting and reinventing is essential in the process of creating new narratives.

AITP main pillars are:

  • Educational: Document Yourself
  • Reflective: Café Littéraire
  • Informational: AITP Festival
  • Sustainable: BIPFAS

Africa in the Picture Foundation

Africa in the Picture is a cultural foundation based in the Netherlands and registered at the chamber of commerce under KvK number: 73985252