Café Littéraire

... what I want
it's for universal hunger
for universal thirst
the free revive finally
to produce close intimacy
the succulence of the fruits

- Présence Africaine (1947)

Littéraire AITP
was born in
Amsterdam under the auspices of the new AITP Director Oumar Mbengue Atakosso.

Littéraire AITP
is a 99-minute
literary and arts program every month created by AITP and presented at rotating host locations in Amsterdam.

The Café Littéraire AITP will be broadcast live on the internet. The audience will find us on the Café Littéraire webpage and AITP social media channels.

Littéraire AITP
is a program that
focuses on Africa
and her diaspora in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. All cultural fields
are combined, such as literature, cinema, contemporary art, music, and theatre.

AITP nurtures her
storytellers and raconteurs and invites them to inspire, challenge, inform, and
educate the public with their experiences and perspectives. AITP believes in
the depth and power of literature and art as an essential contribution to the
well being of people.

Each month, Café
Littéraire AITP
follows the literary news, books, urgent issues,
current discusses, and new global concepts in Africa and her Diaspora by
inviting a writer or an essayist, an anthropologist, a historian, and an
artist, known or unknown, to talk about their work. AITP is not intrigued by
the question of how writers write, but it also wants to know what makes
them write.

AITP believes that society must be
informed according to three principles of existence: the past to inform, the
present to interest, and the future to base its hope. The programs will be
devoted to the literature and arts that have marked their time, their present
and have placed great emphasis on the avant-garde.

Littéraire AITP
will address many of
the economic, political, intellectual, moral, artistic and social values of the
peoples of Africa and the black minorities in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and

AITP declares that Café
Littéraire AITP
is not under the obedience of any ideology, political
party or form of activism. It wants to open itself up to all men of goodwill
(white, yellow or black), and collaborate to define the contemporary spaces of
an inclusive and universal civilization.


For at least a century, we have witnessed the birth of great African and Caribbean writers who have written in various forms, styles, and languages. Their works widely published in Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Asia, remain, despite everything, still too little known to the general public.

“Café Littétraire (AITP)“ is an in-situ project which vocation is to
offer authors a wider space of expression, thus enabling a large number of
spectators to discover men and women of letters, who are undeniably the pillars
of contemporary literature.

Café Littéraire is withal a multi-manifesto focused on culture. Culture
in all its aspects and with connoisseurs, aesthetes and aesthetic to reach
everything we can, with special attention to literature, music, and performing

The interview is the heart of the program, an opportunity to get up
close and personal with the main protagonists of our cultural scene.

A one-to-one conversation
between a presenter and the women and men that pass through our set

All of those we have chosen to portray are living symbols of an
expression rooted in universal values, which claims a stronger and more just

The abundance, the power and also the originality of their works come
from this double vocation of a writer and, in one way or another, of political
thinker, which goes beyond the simple linguistic and national dispute.

Faced with the major problems of our time: globalization, environment,
awakening peoples to democracy, the quest for identity and massive emigration,
these writers play their role of guardian and awakener.

Moi, le maitre de-langue,
Ma tache est d’éveiller mon peuple aux futurs flamboyants,
Ma joie de créer des images pour le nourrir, Ô lumières rythmées de la parole

Expressed by Léopold Sédar Senghor, the Senegalese president-poet.