Afropolitan Festival BOZAR

Sunday March 1 2020 in BOZAR Studio, Brussels
Start: 14:00

Afropolitan Festival

The Afropolitan Festival and AITP are collaborating in a special screening session with DocumentYourself

1st March 2020,  BOZAR - Brussels

​​​​​AITP is proud to announce the official launch of DocumentYourself at BOZAR. We will bring four of the most promising directors of the African diaspora in the Netherlands to screen their films and participate in a discussion with four directors from the African diaspora in Belgium. Directors from both countries will participate in the first DocumentYourself academy starting late spring 2020.  From the Netherlands we are presenting Elisabetta Agyeiwaa, Shamira Raphaëla, Bouba Dola and Kymani Céder.

The screening of the films will be followed by a debate with the programmer and the directors. The discussion will be moderated by Djia Mambu.

Ik leef maar ik besta niet (I live but I don't exist) - Elisabetta Agyeiwaa (9'- 2019)

De Waarheid over Mijn Vader (Daddy and the Warlord) - Shamira Raphaëla (53' - 2019)

De Kroon (The Crown) - Robin Ramos and Kymani Ceder (5'28 - 2019)

Shamba's Dream - Video collage - Bouba Dola (5'- 2019)

Free access upon registration

Rue Ravenstein 23